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Sheffield , UK   01-14-71


  1. War Pigs ( cut in )

  2. Into the Void

  3. Iron Man

  4. Guitar intro

  5. Black Sabbath

  6. After Forever

  7. Wicked World / Guitar Solo  

  8. Fairies Wear Boots (Tape fluctuate)

  9. Paranoid (Tape fluctuate)

      When I Came Down (Demo )



Comment :01-14-1971, live at City Hall, Sheffield, England (AUD, B) 1 CD – includes early versions of “Into The Void” and “After Forever” with alternate lyrics; tape speed begins to fluctuate throughout tracks 8 and 9 (“Fairies Wear Boots” and “Paranoid”); 10th track is a 54-second sample of unreleased 1969 demo “When I Came Down”